Roofing Services

Our Services Roofing ServicesWe pride ourselves in offering the highest quality roofing services to our customers at an affordable price. From the first consultation to the roofing work that will be done, your best interests are our top priority. If your home needs a new roof, repair or maintenance, you can be confident that Thomas Roofing & Repair will do the job on time and with quality workmanship!

We start with an inspection. We will not only walk around the property from the ground level we will get on your roof and examine it closely looking for excessive wear or issues that may cause a future problem.

Our team will be happy to inspect your roof and offer you the best options to repair or replace your roof. We will pay close attention to anything we see regarding water intrusion, unusual wear and make sure the caulking is still sealing as it should.

Sometimes a simple repair to an aging roof could prevent major damage that is caused by a hurricanes or other major weather issues. Be sure to have your roof inspected regularly as your home ages.